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Built on Adobe CQ, Expands Reach, Capabilities of the Nation’s Largest Healthcare Philanthropy

Velir ( announced today the public launch of (, a fully redesigned website for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The site represents a milestone achievement for both organizations, and is entirely built on Adobe CQ Web Content Management Software. As the selected Adobe CQ development and integration vendor, Velir built powerful and intuitive controls that enable in-place editing and drag-and-drop page composition with support for data management and visualization.

The redesigned site features the advanced DataHub module, allowing users to customize and visualize key health care facts and figures at several levels. DataHub is built on Datacenter, Velir’s signature Data Content Management System, which turns data into interactive maps, charts, tables, and dozens of other types of visualizations that offer an enhanced, compelling view of the available datasets and data points.

Along with a completely new interface designed in partnership with Threespot Media, the new introduces a host of new features including custom video modules, shared site components and community and social media integrations to facilitate connections with constituents, grantees, national program offices and staff. Collectively, these features bring a modern, clean user experience with robust functionality to support the Foundation’s mission of improving access and delivery of health care in the United States.

“We are proud of our partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and wanted to make use of a full range of innovative web technologies to deliver an engaging experience to their visitors while simplifying the process of content creation for their staff,” said Mark Gregor, CEO at Velir. “The new site seamlessly integrates a number of industry-leading technologies on a fully scalable architecture that will support the Foundation’s future growth.”

"The skills of the development team and the strategic guidance that we received from Velir at every stage of the process have been absolutely extraordinary. Our improved web presence gives us a new set of tools to deliver valuable content into the hands of those who can help create the social change we are looking to achieve."

— Hope Woodhead, Senior Director of Communications at RWJF

“The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s mission is significant to citizens across the country,” said Loni Stark, Director of Product, Solution & Industry Marketing, Adobe Systems Incorporated. “The organization’s commitment to modernize its web presence using Adobe CQ, and in doing so provide a consistent, more compelling experience to its communities, will pay dividends as part of efforts to achieve positive change.”

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the largest philanthropic organization in the United States devoted to public health and health care. Their website serves as one of their most vital points of contact, facilitating partnerships with key players worldwide engaged in improving the health of all Americans through change in public policy, private sector action and health care delivery.


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