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Agency Recognized as Leader for Implementing Search Software on the Web.

Velir (, a Boston-based interactive agency that focuses on custom web development for large, content-driven sites, has announced it has become a certified Coveo partner. A leading provider of highly advanced unified indexing technology, Coveo transforms advanced website initiatives with best-of-breed search, navigation, ranking and advanced relevance tuning.

Coveo’s Partner Certification Program was created to both foster and recognize organizations with an exceptional degree of technical expertise implementing Coveo solutions. The program includes comprehensive training as well as deep reviews of implementations, ensuring that Coveo’s implementation methodology is systematically followed, and that Coveo users are able to generate the greatest value for their organizations.

"We have been consistently impressed with the quality work that Velir has accomplished on the Coveo platform. We would like to see many other agencies get to this same level of proficiency, and we have designed our Partner Certification Program to help achieve this goal."

JP Provençal, Coveo’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances

Velir has integrated Coveo’s highly advanced indexing and search technology for many clients, enabling features such as search faceting, which allows users to drill down their search results based on category or tags, and custom search weighting, which gives organizations the ability to modify the search algorithm to surface certain types of search results over others. Joint clients between Velir and Coveo include the Brookings Institution, the Society for Neuroscience, the American College of Radiology, the Endocrine Society and Elsevier Business Intelligence.

“We have found Coveo to be an exceptional solution to help our clients meet their complex web search goals, and have been very impressed with the quality of support that we have received from the Coveo team over our years working together,” said Mark Gregor, Velir’s Founder and CEO. “We are extremely honored to be a Coveo Certified Partner and are looking forward to working together on many future projects.”

Coveo's highly advanced, Unified Indexing and Insight platform transforms knowledge management initiatives by redefining how people access and share fragmented knowledge around the customer-focused enterprise. Coveo brings together the collective and yet fragmented information from cloud-based, social, and on-premise systems, and injects it into the context of every user, every time. Coveo connects people to contextual content, and through content, to relevant people. This enables more efficient customer service, increased sales, shorter sales cycles, faster innovation for better product development and increased profitability. Coveo's advanced, Unified Indexing and Insight platform securely connects with and crawls all systems to create a virtual integration layer, by federating and enriching structured and unstructured information.

The Company's lines of business inject existing knowledge into every Customer Service interaction, personalize online customer experiences within high-end websites, and increase overall return on knowledge by making the collective knowledge easily accessible, so that all employees can stop reinventing the wheel. More than 2,000,000 people globally and more than 500 companies use Coveo to achieve their business goals. Among Coveo customers are L'Oreal Switzerland, Lockheed Martin, YUM! Brands, GEICO and SunGard. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter: @Coveo or like us on Facebook.


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