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We’re excited to announce that seven members of the Velir team have been recognized as Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) by Sitecore®, the global leader in experience management software. Since 2006, Sitecore has distinguished notable Sitecore contributors with the title of MVP. This year’s 284 MVPs were chosen from more than 12,000 certified developers and 20,000 active community participants to be recognized for the impact they’ve made on the Sitecore community. Our MVPs have produced content on everything from leveraging external data services to get more out of Sitecore personalization to how to simplify Sitecore Commerce with Coveo.

We’re extremely proud of the Velirians who achieved Sitecore MVP status this year. Our investment in the platform is matched by the commitment of these seven talented individuals to not only push Velir’s Sitecore practice further, but also to grow the Sitecore community. I’m grateful for their time and effort to help our Sitecore clients achieve their full potential on the platform.

— Dave Valliere, Velir's CEO

Velir was an early adopter of Sitecore’s CMS when it first arrived in the U.S. In the 15 years we’ve been a Sitecore partner, we’ve developed deep expertise on the platform by performing hundreds of Sitecore implementations and working on Sitecore-related projects. Learn more about our status as a Sitecore Platinum Partner.

This Year’s Sitecore MVPs

Our seven recipients are distributed across three global categories: Technology, Strategy, and Ambassador. Technology MVPs are recognized for actively sharing their Sitecore knowledge with partners and customers both online and offline. Strategy MVPs drive business results by showcasing strong data-driven marketing experiences and leveraging the Sitecore Experience Platform. Ambassador MVPs partner with Sitecore executives, participate in community events, and provide insights about the Sitecore product roadmap and strategy.

Technology MVPs

Alessandro Faniuolo
Erica Stockwell-Alpert
Dan Solovay
Mark Stiles

Strategy MVPs

Dan Murphy
Matt Richardson

Ambassador MVPs

Corey Caplette

With these awards, Velir is now home to two of the 33 Strategy MVPs, four of the 170 Technology MVPs, and one of the 81 Ambassadors worldwide.

The Sitecore MVP award is a meaningful measure of our contribution to the Sitecore community and we’re honored to have so many of our employees recognized with this award. We're proud to have seven MVPs who lead the Sitecore community through their contributions to the community and their consistent delivery of innovative solutions to our Sitecore clients.

Corey Caplette, Velir's Chief Technology Officer

Get to Know Our MVPs

Corey Caplette, Velir's CTO, has been working with Sitecore since its first years in the U.S. Supporting clients as Sitecore moves deeper into cloud delivery models has been one of his areas of focus and feedback.

Alessandro Faniuolo is the author of the Web Forms for Marketers to Sitecore Forms conversion tool and blogs and speaks regularly on DevOps related topics.

Dan Murphy is a tireless advocate for Sitecore authors, writing and speaking regularly on how to make Sitecore solutions author-friendly.

Mark Stiles is well-known for demonstrating new applications for AI in Sitecore, as well as his “Catching Exceptions” and “Public Interface” video projects and the Brightcove Media Connector.

Dan Solovay is an assistant organizer of the New England Sitecore User Group and speaks frequently about Sitecore-related technologies.

Erica Stockwell-Alpert is the author of the Sitecore Content Export/Import tool and writes about a variety of Sitecore-related technical topics for her blog “Erica's Sitecore Adventures.”

Matt Richardson is passionate about enabling Sitecore customers to leverage their investment in Experience Platform (XP) features to optimize customer experiences.

In 2021, our MVPs are working closely with Sitecore to create innovative digital solutions that meet the needs of both our clients and their audiences. Here are some of the blog posts, webinars, and other Sitecore insights our MVPs and other Sitecore experts have shared with the community in the past year:

To learn more about the MVP Program, visit the Sitecore MVP Site:


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