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We’re proud to unveil our new brand, services, and website! Our creative team has evolved Velir’s brand to align it with our current identity as an agency and with the expansion of our services. The new website, which is the culmination of our rebrand, will help us accelerate our growth with the support of Stella Point Capital, who we partnered with late last year.

Our brand’s evolution speaks to a relationship between humans and technology we call “Human Digital.” We believe that technology helps our clients make the world a better place. We embrace and explore the possibilities it can offer as we create personalized, audience-focused, cross-channel experiences for them. Recognizing the intersection of technology and humanity at our company’s core is what inspired Human Digital.

Human Digital also better expresses our services, which we have expanded over the past two years to include content marketing, data strategy and integration, and personalization strategy. All these services complement the reliable digital experience design and development services we’ve offered our clients for over 20 years. Our new website allows us to showcase these services, and all the digital marketing services we offer more effectively.

As part of this brand progression, we’ve updated our logo to adopt a fresh look that feels technical yet human. It features a streamlined aesthetic that’s more proportionally balanced, and a lowercase version of our name to convey a sense of approachability.

The new Velir logo.
"As Velir continues to expand our services to meet our client’s needs, our website needed to reflect a new brand that matches our strategic, creative, and audience-driven philosophies. The new website accomplishes those goals with an accessible, sharp design and content that reflects our new ‘Human Digital’ brand concept."
Eniola Oluwole CSO, Velir

Our new site’s aesthetic taps into the idea of Human Digital by featuring a translation of the tactile world of textile and print patterns into digital shapes and patterns. Our new color palette further expresses this narrative of humanity in a tech-filled world with its warm, rich, and deep tones. Our new fonts also convey mechanical yet approachable attributes that express our current culture. As a whole, our brand embraces the notion that we’re humans interacting in a digital space, and our belief that walking the fine line between both worlds is necessary for great digital marketing. 

The new services section featuring our service areas: Strategy & Planning, Experience Design, Content Marketing, Digital Engineering, Experience Platforms, Intelligence & Analytics, and Support & Optimization.

From a technical perspective, we built our new website on the latest version of Sitecore using Thread, our Sitecore Build Accelerator. Leveraging Thread sped up our build process considerably, giving us a solid framework and the ability to focus on designing custom components that fit our new brand and showcase our services. The new site also includes thoughtful micro-interactions, playful patterns, a greater emphasis on visual storytelling, and approachable copy through our new brand voice.

"We’re incredibly proud of our new website. It better represents our company’s breadth of work and more accurately reflects our strong strategic partnerships, creative capabilities, and ability to leverage leading marketing technologies to achieve outcomes. We look forward to seeing how our new site engages our clients, partners, and employees in meaningful ways."
Dave Valliere CEO, Velir
A client case study and agency culture page from the new displayed on mobile devices.
A component on the new promoting our client case studies with compelling imagery and brief descriptions for three clients: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, The Metropolitan Museum, and Urban Land Institute.

Start learning about our new brand by exploring our new site and checking out our updated services pages and case studies that showcase our client work. Or, if you’re interested in learning more how we can use Thread for your organization’s website redesign, feel free to get in touch.

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