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Velir is excited to share that our client Drexel University launched its redesigned website, We were honored to partner with Drexel in designing this Sitecore site that showcases its unique location and model of learning.

Founded in 1891 in Philadelphia, Drexel University is a comprehensive global research university that combines academic rigor with one of the nation’s premier cooperative education programs. It boasts three Philadelphia campuses and other regional sites; the nation’s oldest major natural science museum and research organization; and Drexel Online, one of the oldest and most successful online degree programs.

Drexel engaged Velir to help redesign their website with two major goals in mind:

  1. Drive enrollment and retain highly qualified “Right Fit” students to apply, enroll, and ultimately graduate from Drexel.
  2. Elevate awareness of Drexel’s reputation as a comprehensive research university and leader in experiential education.

To accomplish these goals, we knew we had to update the site’s aesthetics to match the look and feel of a large urban research university, reorganize its content to express Drexel’s key differentiators, and design a cohesive digital experience that surfaces compelling news and student stories.

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We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading higher education institutions to create connected digital ecosystems that engage a variety of audiences with the information they need, when they need it.
"We want to congratulate the Drexel team for all their hard work on the new They’ve created a robust Sitecore website that fulfills all the potential of the designs, user experience, and content strategy that we developed together. We’re proud to have collaborated with Drexel on this incredible project."
Dave Valliere CEO, Velir

As Drexel’s design, strategy, and development consultant for this project, we focused heavily on content strategy. We audited page templates, components, custom functionality, and integrations. Four template families were designed to cover a variety of Drexel content and sites: Drexel Core, DrexelNow, Drexel Student Life, and Drexel Campaign. Additionally, we crafted a page-level content strategy and hierarchy for templates that informed UX. Leveraging keyword research and analytics, we also made content recommendations for Drexel’s future website.

As part of our redesign, we developed four pillars to build content strategy, content hierarchy, and designs around.

  1. Showcase Drexel’s differentiators to attract potential students and parents while strengthening Drexel’s brand identity.
  2. Champion success and innovation by socializing stories that build a sense of pride in the Drexel community.
  3. Illustrate how Drexel provides value and affordability.
  4. Create an immersive, engaging experience through audience-based pathways that organize navigation and content by how users search and think.

The most noticeable place to see the influence of these pillars is on the new site’s homepage, which uses striking visual assets to illustrate all the unique aspects of the Drexel experience. They’re also present in the site’s navigation, which makes it easy to find important content about admissions and financial aid. And they influence its landing pages which provide clear messages about the value of a Drexel education, how Drexel makes its education affordable, and the exciting opportunities Drexel student life has to offer.

"The project took much longer to complete than originally anticipated due to the site’s extensive scope and functionality, but taking the additional time to complete it paid off because the result has been extraordinarily well received by University stakeholders."
Melanie DeCinque Executive Director, Web, Integration and Mobile Services, Information Technology

As a Sitecore consultant we prepared the designs, front-end design prototype, content strategy, and technical insights the Drexel team needed to execute the Sitecore development of their site. With our front-end development support, assistance from our business system analysts in writing development tickets, and Sitecore consulting, Drexel’s developers had everything they needed to bring the project to life. We stuck with them every step of the way to offer help from build to launch, and beyond, as we continue to support them post-launch.

The success of our collaboration is reflected in Drexel’s new website, which offers streamlined content and navigation, prominent student and alumni success stories that capture the value of Drexel’s education, and robust content that clearly addresses Drexel’s costs, deadlines, and differentiators.

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