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Analytics & Insights

Transform data points into actionable insights you can use to make data-driven decisions

Harness the power of data analysis and data integration to drive innovation

In our data-driven era, knowing the right information at the right time so you can act on it is key to staying ahead. Our analytics and insights services provide that information by transforming data into a powerful asset for your organization. Through data activation strategies, digital analytics implementation, data analysis, advanced machine learning solutions, and data training, we arm you with the critical insights you need to drive innovation for your brand.

Turn data into a critical decision-making asset for your organization

We convert your data into actionable insights that drive growth and engagement with your digital marketing. With our support, your business can be data-informed, and future-ready, prepared to make predictive and proactive decisions. Our data professionals unlock your marketing data's full potential, so you can use it to drive your business decisions.
  • Data Activation Strategy
    Empower your decisions with data
    Take a data-driven approach to navigate your business landscape effectively. Our analytics professionals develop a data activation strategy that maps out how to transform data into impactful business outcomes and competitive advantages.
  • Digital Analytics Implementation
    Take advantage of advanced analytics implementations
    Unlock deeper market insights and understand customer behaviors by allowing our team to implement data analytics that enhance your digital marketing and increase your ability to make data-driven decisions.
  • Reporting & Data Analysis
    Find data analytics and insights at your fingertips
    Allow us to convert complex data into clear, actionable business intelligence you need to facilitate your strategic decision-making.
  • Data Integration
    Streamline your workflow by integrating your data sources
    Unify your data sources into one efficient system, to enhance your decision-making quality and speed. With a streamlined workflow, you can generate actionable insights with analytics from all your business intelligence systems.
  • Data Activation
    Elevate your data's impact by activating it
    Bridge the gap between data collection and utilization by converting your business intelligence into actionable strategies for business growth and customer engagement.
  • Website Behavior Analytics
    Optimize your online engagement with web analytics tools
    Leverage web analytics tools like Google Analytics to analyze user behavior on your website, so you can create a more engaging online experience for website visitors and increase your conversions.
  • CDP Implementation
    Master your customer data with a CDP
    Centralize your customer intelligence through a Customer Data Platform (CDP), tailoring your marketing strategies with integrated insights for more personalized customer interactions.
  • Data Warehouse Implementation
    Solidify your data infrastructure with data warehousing
    Create an efficient and accessible system for storing, managing, and retrieving your data, so you can more easily leverage business intelligence (BI) to make informed decisions.
  • Analytics Training
    Become data-savvy with our data analytics training
    We empower your team with essential data literacy skills for interpreting analytics effectively, so you can form stronger digital marketing strategies and make smarter business decisions.
Unlocking 360-Degree Customer Data for Retailer johnnie-O
Building an enterprise-class retail customer data warehouse.

How we built an enterprise-class customer data warehouse and integrations to give online retailer johnnie-O advanced analytics and personalization capabilities.

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Learn about the analytics tools and platforms we leverage

We partner with a variety of analytics vendors and customer data platforms (CDPs) to help you integrate and activate your organization's data so you can take advantage of the valuable insights it provides.
  • Google Analytics logo
    Google Analytics
    Marketing Analytics
    Velir’s digital marketing analysts are certified experts in Google Analytics and have completed dozens of large-scale deployments on the platform. As experts, we ensure you can make the most of Google Analytics 4’s newest features.
  • Mixpanel logo
    Product Analytics
    Velir is a Certified Gold Mixpanel Partner, which means we can help your teams fully leverage Mixpanel. Working with the platform, we can develop an analytical framework to capture the right metrics and an event tracking plan based on those metrics. We also build reports and dashboards to enable conversion rate analysis and retention modeling to drive better product decision-making and insights for your organization.
  • Contentsquare logo
    Heap by Contentsquare
    Product Analytics
    We use Heap’s unique behavioral and contextual analytics to create a holistic 360-view of your customer experience, so you can optimize engagement, reduce friction, and improve conversion. With Heap, we can surface key events over a user’s lifetime, such as where they drop off, what features they engage with, and the lifetime value of these interactions.
  • mParticle logo
    mParticle provides a best-in-class solution for large organizations that need to generate unified customer profiles from cross-device behavior. Using mParticle, Velir can assist you with configuring advanced analytics, performing identity resolution, and using customer data to power personalization.
  • Segment
    Segment is the market-leading Customer Data Platform businesses depend on to unify their customer data into a single source of truth. Our behavioral analytics team can deploy Segment’s Connections, Unify, and Engage products to provide a 360-degree view of your customers so you can react to their needs in real time.
  • Sitecore
    As a Sitecore Platinum Partner with five Sitecore MVPs, we’re experts in all things Sitecore. We can leverage their customer data platform, Sitecore CDP, to create secure, unified customer profiles from historical, transactional, or behavioral data for every customer. We can then help you feed this data into Sitecore Personalize to provide real-time decisions about the best personalization for your users.

Our thoughts on analytics

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