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CRICO is a leader in the medical professional liability (MPL) industry dedicated to protecting Harvard-affiliated clinicians and organizations so that they may deliver the safest care possible with confidence. The CRICO website, offers a range of tools and services to protect providers and promote patient safety—including a secure portal for insured member physicians.




With a site that had not be redesigned in 9 years, CRICO was looking to incorporate contemporary design features, enhance mobile optimization and improve users’ experience navigating the website. As captive insurance providers, their primary interest is engagement rather than sales, so they were ultimately looking for a design that they could easily maintain and continue enhancing after launch.

The CRICO digital marketing team engaged Velir to redesign the CRICO website using Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) for Sitecore 10.2 XP. Velir leveraged our experience with Sitecore, and specifically SXA, to design and build a modernized website that drastically improved the experience for the CRICO content authors and designers, and more importantly, their target audiences.

CRICO has two distinct goals: protecting providers and promoting safety. The first part of the mission is to provide support and protection for providers who have been sued. The second part refers to their mission to learn from adverse events and create strategies to prevent errors from recurring. CRICO shares this patient safety guidance and expertise within their network and in some cases with the world.

Sitecore’s personalization engine allows the team to create and manage messages that make sense to the dual audience based on rules and patterns. By streamlining the presentation of content, CRICO is able to present a clean set of pages while users see what they most need to see.

“The work with this recent project plus the SEO help has made us look like heroes at CRICO!”
Jennifer Rose —
Digital Transformation Specialist, CRICO


Velir partnered with CRICO to leverage their deep in-house knowledge of their platform, users and organization to develop a plan that would bring their differentiators and quality of service to the forefront of the website. We not only looked at the informational content needed for any external user coming to the website, but also rebuilt the portal for current clients so that they can quickly find custom tailored information specific to their needs.

In addition to leveraging Sitecore 10.2 and SXA, Velir also took a mobile-first approach to design; considering smart phone and tablet sized experiences first to prioritize those experiences. We then later designed desktop concepts for key pages such as the homepage and landing pages. Once complete, our team worked with CRICO to ensure the end user experience, as well as the content authoring experience was well tested and ready for production.

Our approach included:

  • Conducting discovery and research
  • Leading with mobile-first design
  • Performing Sitecore SXA development and personalization enablement

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Since launch, the site is seeing higher engagement metrics, which is ideal, as the business goal was to improve user experience for CRICO’s target audience of physicians and healthcare-related professionals. The bounce rate has plummeted while pages per session rose appreciably. The new site SEO is still re-establishing itself, so overall visits are down. However, the belief based on engagement is that the right people are coming and staying.

It is very important to CRICO that their audience is downloading their guidelines and listening to their podcasts. A comparison of 6 months of data from the same time last year, shows that despite the lower number of visitors, the downloads are actually higher.

On the patient safety side: The new website has made it easier for our end users to find and engage with the materials we most want them to use.

On the provider protection side: The CRICO insured and previously insured audience is getting to their documentation requests and their support material. The latter is extremely important to CRICO and this 6 month comparison already shows an 177.22% increase in pageviews, as well as a 97.9% drop in bounce rate.

Visits to the Personalized Support Portal for CRICO Insured also show major gains.

Overall, the engagement levels post redesign are outstanding! 

Levels of engagement on the CRICO website

It has been a pleasure working with CRICO and expanding our partnership with them through this important and strategic project. The website is performing well and we have heard great feedback about the overall look and feel of the platform.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about redesigning your website, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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