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Digital Agency receives Fourth Sitecore Site of the Year Award in recognition of outstanding CMS implementation

Velir (, a full service Web agency, announced today that its development work for Elsevier Business Intelligence (EBI) has been named the North American Sitecore Site of the Year category winner for Best Custom Business Solution. This award recognizes Velir for its use of Sitecore's Web Content Management (CMS) and digital marketing technology, which were used to develop more effective business processes and to advance Web strategies.

Sitecore's powerful scalability and ease of use allowed for seamless integrations with programs such as Adaptive Print Studio, an Adobe InDesign plugin. The results have helped EBI move into a “Web First” publishing methodology.

"Velir has built a highly successful site for EBI that solves evolving business and marketing challenges facing organizations today. Velir has demonstrated excellence in developing a site that offers dynamic features including a simplified navigation structure, a streamlined look and feel, and enhanced site search."

— Jason Crea, VP Client & Partner Engagement at Sitecore

“A key challenge of this project was to blend EBI's numerous authoring processes into a single, collaborative workflow. Today, content is authored in MS Word, stored, edited, and published to the web via Sitecore, and exported to InDesign for print layout and publication.” said Mark Gregor, President of Velir. “It has been a pleasure to work with a partner like EBI, whose ambitious development goals have empowered us to flex our engineering muscle.”

Sitecore's Site of the Year contest recognizes organizations that have leveraged Sitecore's technology to develop the most outstanding websites. Nominations are judged on creativity, integration with rich data sources and applications, the ability to engage, educate and motivate an action, and the overall user experience. The Sitecore Site of the Year contest is divided into four regions, International, Denmark, UK, and North America.

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