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Velir is excited to announce our sponsorship of the upcoming orgCommunity Solution's Day conference in Downers Grove, IL. The program aims to help association industry leaders identify and discuss strategies for creating value-focussed member and customer experiences. It will provide attendees with an opportunity to connect with peers in the association and trade member organization space, learn from top business leaders, and leave with tangible concepts that can be applied in their day-to-day operations.

Velir's partnership with orgCommunity on this initiative is a natural outcome of our deep experience and growing practice in the association space. Velir has worked with dozens of the most influential associations (including ASAE, EDUCAUSE, AOPA, and more)  to define and design their web presence, implement the supporting content management and digital marketing technologies, and integrate these with the organization's Association Management System (AMS) of choice.

As a part of our presence at Solution's Day, Velir's Director of Solution Architecture, Kimiko Tanaka, will be giving a talk on 'Personalizing Member Experiences'. AMS platforms are a treasure trove of information on an association's membership base and our session will focus on how an organization can integrate their AMS with their website to create tailored experiences for target audiences. A model for assessing your organization's readiness for personalization will be reviewed, along with the different types of personalization that you can get started with. 



Check out the related resources below if you'd like to learn more about our experience and work in the association space. For a full listing of the associations that we have worked with, please visit our Portfolio page.


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