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So, you just spent many months and a lot of money rebuilding your website and its underlying marketing technology into a state-of-the-art fighter jet. Now what? You have new capabilities and targeting systems as a digital marketer, but does your team know what to do with this new plane when they sit in its cockpit?  

Digital experience platforms for your website, such as Sitecore, Drupal, or Adobe AEM, typically have more controls than you might use for your website. But once you’ve made the investment, not taking full advantage of your website’s capabilities is like just flying your fighter jet from Point A to Point B. By only using the plane’s most basic functions, you miss new opportunities to target and engage your audiences.  

The biggest reason you might miss out on these opportunities is a lack of education. That’s why we recommend comprehensive training for your expensive new plane, like TOPGUN, but for your website. By learning how to effectively use your site’s features in real-world situations, you won’t need to build unnecessary features or integrations for your website. Our training services for content authoring, marketing enablement/optimization, analytics, and SEO equip you with the knowledge you need to make the most of new your systems, so your crew can fly confidently. 

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We leverage design and technology to set you on the path to digital success by using them to connect your audiences to a world of engaging content. 

Analytics Training 

The first step to improving anything requires measuring it. Knowing your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how to get those metrics is critical for any marketing initiative. Most of our clients have a good idea of what they want to track but don’t always know how to do it. As your wing people, our analytics team can solve that problem by answering your questions and helping you set up the right tracking. However, a retainer model may not be the right fit for your organization. Another option is that our analytics team can teach your marketers what they need to know, so they can easily identify and measure your KPIs. 

SEO Training

The most fundamental goal of any website is to be seen by its audiences. And most audiences find websites through search engines. Like with analytics, our team of SEO experts can fly alongside you and help you optimize your website’s findability. By engaging our SEO team, your organization can learn how to outmaneuver your competition by creating content that ranks well in search with targeted keywords your potential audiences are using to find your site. Our team can also research your SEO questions or help you implement technical SEO changes to improve your site’s organic search performance. 

But once you’ve made the investment, not taking full advantage of your website’s capabilities is like just flying your fighter jet from Point A to Point B.”

Marketing Technology & Enablement

If you’re using Sitecore for your website, we have even more training options in our arsenal. Lots of times, clients that have used Sitecore for years will go to Symposium, see an exciting new feature, and envision its possibilities on their site. However, they’re not sure how to do what they saw at Symposium with their plane. There are many Sitecore features you can use without any additional development: Personalization, User Profiling, and Campaign Creator are all available out-of-the-box. Much of Sitecore Analytics can also be set up without any development. Our enablement and optimization team offers trainings on these lesser-known controls so you can take advantage of Sitecore’s advanced features. 

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Content Authoring Workshop

Our most used training is a content authoring workshop. Whether it’s right after takeoff or you’re looking to expand your skills inflight on an existing site, we can teach you content entry and creation best practices for your digital experience platform. For example, with Sitecore we cover everything from Sitecore basics, user management, and workflow to more structural topics like your taxonomy strategy, site configuration options, and component data source structure. Whatever your experience level may be, we tailor our content authoring workshop to your jet and your crew’s capabilities. 

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An expensive plane’s features can be wasted if you don’t have skilled pilots who know how to use them. Training is a relatively small investment in your team that helps return on the investments you’ve made in your website. By understanding your site’s capabilities and how to use them, you can better engage your audiences. Through our training programs you can also improve your operational efficiency, analytics, SEO, and targeted marketing all without the need for new development or purchasing new tools. 

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