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We’re excited to announce that seven members of Velir’s team have been recognized as Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) by Sitecore®, the global leader in experience management software. Since 2006, Sitecore has distinguished notable contributors to its community with the title of MVP. This year’s 235 MVPs were chosen from more than 12,000 certified developers and 20,000 active community members for the impact they’ve made on the Sitecore community. Our MVPs have produced content on everything from how to leverage external data services for Sitecore personalization to how to simplify Sitecore Commerce with Coveo.

This year we’re also pleased to share that we have one first-time MVP, Adam Ribaudo, our VP of Data Integration and Activation, and six repeat MVPs. Two of these six Velirians are 10-time Sitecore MVPs, and one of them is a 12-time MVP, which is a remarkable achievement. There are only 22 people in the world to hold the distinction of 10-time Sitecore MVP, so we’re thrilled that three of them are Velirians.

"We’re extremely proud of the team members who achieved Sitecore MVP status this year. Earning this distinction is no small feat and highlights the commitment of these talented individuals to both the Sitecore community and Velir’s Sitecore practice. I’m grateful for the time and effort each of them puts into becoming a Sitecore thought-leader."
Dave Valliere CEO, Velir

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As a Platinum Partner with 15+ years of experience and 7 Sitecore MVPs, we’re excited to show you how Sitecore can help you deliver great digital experiences to your audiences.

Velir was an early adopter of Sitecore’s CMS when it first arrived in the U.S. in 2006. Since then, we’ve remained at the forefront of Sitecore’s evolving technology and product portfolio, which includes Sitecore JSS, Sitecore CDP, and Sitecore Content Hub. And in the 16 years we’ve been a Sitecore partner, we’ve developed deep expertise with its products by performing hundreds of Sitecore implementations and advising customers on how Sitecore’s products can best serve them. Learn more about our status as a Sitecore Platinum Partner.

This Year’s Sitecore MVPs

Our seven MVPs represent three global categories: Technology, Strategy, and Ambassador. Technology MVPs are recognized for actively sharing their Sitecore knowledge with partners and customers both online and offline. Strategy MVPs drive business results by showcasing strong data-driven marketing experiences and leveraging the Sitecore Experience Platform. Ambassador MVPs partner with Sitecore executives, participate in community events, and provide insights about the Sitecore product roadmap and strategy.

Technology MVPs

  • Alessandro Faniuolo
  • Erica Stockwell-Alpert
  • Dan Solovay
  • Mark Stiles

Strategy MVPs

  • Dan Murphy
  • Adam Ribaudo

Ambassador MVPs

  • Corey Caplette
“We’re incredibly proud to see seven of our team members recognized as Sitecore MVPs. We know how hard these individuals work to deliver world-class digital solutions to our customers and, at the same time, share their knowledge with the larger Sitecore community.”
Corey Caplette Chief Technology Officer, Velir

With these awards, Velir is now home to two of the 31 Strategy MVPs, four of the 141 Technology MVPs, and one of the 63 Ambassador MVPs worldwide.

Get to Know Our MVPs

Corey Caplette (12x MVP, 2010–2022) Velir's CTO, has been working with Sitecore since its arrival in the U.S. market in 2006. Supporting clients as Sitecore moves deeper into cloud delivery models and composable architecture has been one of his main areas of focus.

Alessandro Faniuolo (3x MVP, 2020–2022) is the author of the Web Forms for Marketers to Sitecore Forms conversion tool. He also blogs and speaks regularly on DevOps related topics.

Dan Murphy (5x MVP, 2018–2022) is a tireless advocate for Sitecore content authors and digital marketers, writing and speaking regularly on how to craft efficient, author-friendly Sitecore solutions.

Mark Stiles (10x MVP, 2013–2022) is well-known for developing new applications for ML/AI in Sitecore. He's also the creator of two YouTube series “Catching Exceptions” and “Public Interface,” and his earliest Sitecore modules include the Brightcove Media Framework and Data Importer.

Dan Solovay (10x MVP, 2013–2022) is Sitecore Practice Lead at Velir, and assistant organizer of the New England Sitecore User Group. He also writes and speaks frequently about Sitecore-related technologies.

Erica Stockwell-Alpert (4x MVP, 2019–2022) is the author of the Sitecore Content Export/Import tool and writes about a variety of Sitecore-related technical topics for her blog “Erica's Sitecore Adventures.” You can also find her on the Women of Sitecore blog.

Adam Ribaudo is Velir’s VP of Data Activation and has a successful track record of helping clients derive value from their customer data through personalization and business intelligence.

In 2022, our MVPs are working closely with Sitecore to create innovative digital solutions that meet the needs of both our clients and their audiences. Here are some of the blog posts, webinars, and other Sitecore insights our MVPs and other Sitecore experts have shared with the community in the past year:

To learn more about the MVP Program, visit the Sitecore MVP Site:


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