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Valuable audience insights to drive your data-driven decision-making

We believe audience research provides the foundation for learning about who your audiences are, what they’re looking for, and what they expect from your organization. Accessing these insights is imperative to understanding how to reach them effectively with your digital marketing. By conducting audience research, we develop that understanding, so we can recommend smart strategies to improve audience engagement with your digital experience.
  • Audience Definition & Segmentation
    We conduct audience research, like one-on-one interviews and surveys, to identify key behaviors and needs among groups that engage with your digital experience. Then we use quantitative data to complement our research and refine our understanding of your audiences. With a ‘jobs to be done’ mindset, we segment and define your audiences by likeminded behaviors and needs rather than demographic or role-based attributes, so you can strategically tailor your digital experience to these segments.
  • Audience Persona & Journey Mapping
    Leveraging our research and insights, we visualize the complete experience your audiences have with your organization. Next, we articulate their expectations, emotions, goals, and pain points with audience persona workshops and deliverables. Through this process we complete journey mapping exercises to highlight interactions and uncover the most significant opportunities for you to build a digital experience that delivers on your audiences’ expectations and drives them to convert.
  • Audience-Driven Business Opportunities
    We believe decision-making about enhancements to your digital experience should consider both your organization’s priorities and audiences’ needs. So once we have a shared understanding of your audiences, we connect key patterns of audience behavior with our recommendations for features and content that better serves their needs. We also help you identify a return on investment (ROI) for executing audience-driven improvements to your digital experience to justify those enhancements.
  • Peer & Aspirational Landscape Research
    With the goal of sourcing innovative solutions, we identify the best practices used by your peers and other like-minded organizations to address audience needs. We also source inspiration for our recommendations from other industries when an organization has found a creative solution to similar audience challenges. Then we use this secondary landscape research as a complement to our audience data to provide you with thoughtful recommendations.

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We’ll identify opportunities to improve your digital experience by researching your audiences and learning how your peers engage their audiences. Leveraging these insights, we’ll offer smart strategies to increase your organization's engagement.

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